Lesson & Packages
Lesson Programs
  • Individual quick check & fix lesson – Suitable for golfers of all levels, 25 minutes or 55 min
    The Professional Instructor will analyze your swing and fix the most urgent problems in your fundamentals.
  • 9 – Hole Course Management Lesson – Suitable for all established golfers, 2,5 hours
    The Professional instructor is working on course management to achieve the
    ultimate goal ‘Lower Scores’!
Multi – Lesson Packages
  • Beginner Golf Program – Suitable for the complete or intermediate golfers, 4 x
    55 minutes
    The Professional instructor will make sure you get a good start to enjoy this fantastic game!
    The content in this program consists of a series of lessons on both the driving
    range and in the short game areas. Teaching the key fundamentals including; the grip, set-up, swing movements and play with different Clubs. All aspects of the short game will be trained and practice drills given, providing further improvements. This great introduction will also include some of the basic rules and etiquette.
  • Advanced Program – Suitable for golfers at all levels, 4 x 55 minutes
    The Professional instructor will work on the key areas of your game to guarantee long term improvement.
    Consists of a series of lessons making sure the key fundamentals are correct in a
    pupil’s entire golf game.
    A great package providing instant improvements and some drills making sure you will enjoy this fantastic game even more!
Group Lessons
  • Group Tuition (min 3 people, max 6) – Designed for everyone, 60 minutes Organize a group of friends or colleagues, either as beginners or regular golfers. The content of the program will be designed to suit the needs of everyone within the group.
  • Corporate Group Tuition (min 7 people – max 10 per instructor) – Designed for companies, 2 x 45 minutes
    Organize a day with a different activity to strengthen your team & spirits! A fantastic way of introducing this very popular sport and do something different together. The session is divided into a trial of long and short game.
  • The Complete Introduction Holiday Package – In association with the Turkish Golf Federation , this series of lessons covers most aspects of the game. Players will receive a certificate issued by the Kusadasi International Golf upon successfully completing the Golf  Holiday Package tuitions. This package includes the following : 2 Hours daily tuition for a 4 day period ,basic techniques for the most important aspects of the game , introduction to the important rules and etiquette of golf , Club rental during all lessons , all range balls during the tuitions.
For price or booking details please contact the Golf reception on
+ 90 256 511 1850-51 or info@ kusadasiinternationalgolf.com